About us

A travers les yeux de citoyens-reporters menant l’enquête en Belgique et à travers le monde, Mediel veut attirer votre regard sur des projets inspirants en matière de développement durable, mettant en oeuvre l’innovation scientifique et technologique, en vue de construire une société pacifique, solidaire et juste.

MEDIEL is a non-governmental, non-profit and politically independent youth organisation, which aims at developing citizenship among young people through the organisation of educational programmes, including expositions, conferences, congresses and medias productions of high quality.


MEDIEL supports its member organisations to engage youth through motivation, cooperation, collaboration, and networking.

MEDIEL is also a stakeholder in the current revolution of the Technologies of Information and Communication, and advocates the free sharing of knowledge and the building of true knowledge sharing societies.

Thanks to MEDIEL, tens of thousands of young people have already met to exchange and make the most of their creations, discuss with researchers, youth leaders and experts. They have developed projects together, discovered foreign languages and cultures, and have been trained to acquire new skills.

Joining MEDIEL is adhering to its charter, that of a movement which is concerned about today’s world, promotes international cooperation, sustainable development, citizenship and peace, by practicing activities in a spirit of respect, understanding and solidarity within different geographic and spiritual communities.